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Ethical products handmade for your home, so people can rebuild theirs

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Why people love our products

Our products directly empower people escaping homelessness by giving them living wage employment, bespoke employment training and classroom-based wellbeing sessions, redefining profit for a purpose

All of our products are handmade with love and are rooted in ethical manufacturing practices like all of our employees receiving the national living wage

The palm industry can have a devastating impact on our plant and ecosystems. Labre's Hope's products are proudly palm-oil free

All of our products contain zero animal traces, including our sugar which contains no bone char. We are proud to say that our products and processes are 100% vegan.

Our products haven't been tested on animals at any point and have been formulated using only the most ethical practices

All of our products contain no sodium lauryl sulphate, Parabens and Sulfates which are actually known for causing skin irritation.

All of our soaps are formulated to be safe for all skin types due to our balanced premium formulations meaning that you're not lost for choice!

Our soaps contain 100% natural ingredients produced by Mother Nature so your skin can be nurtured by only the most natural ingredients. Even our packaging is sourced from Forest Sustainable Committee approved sources!

Our soaps are all coloured with natural ingredients and mineral clays rather than synthetic colourants so your skin can soak in all the skin-loving vitamins and minerals contained in our soaps.

We use only clean energy companies for our operations

Our soap bars and their packaging are 100% biodegradable, contributing to our planet-friendly agendas and policies.

Our soaps are scented using completely natural essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances - giving you even more benefits to your skin. In the  shower, our scents will naturally diffuse and combine with your shower mist which will drench you in their natural qualities and transport you away to a scented paradise

Handcrafted based on skin-science

We have created the perfect bar of soap so you can naturally look after every layer of your skin.

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Community impact driven

See what our community is doing to end homelessness

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Why are you called Labre's Hope?

We took the inspiration for our name after Benedict Joseph Labre who is known for being the patron saint of homelessness. He became known as the patron saint because during the 17th Century, he went around Europe helping those without homes in numerous ways.

Is used soap hygienic?

Thanks to the Ph level of soap being between 7 - 10, bacteria have a difficult time building up your bar of soap. Soap is also naturally antibacterial but if you are still concerned, you can cut your soap bar up into soap sticks and only use them when you need!

How long does a bar of soap last?

Bars of soap typically last for around 12 months once you wet it. Our bars of soap will last you about a month depending on your usage!

Top tip: put your soap on a soap dish or some thing to help ventilation to make your bar last extra longer!

Why should I switch out my wash products for soap?

Great question! We wrote on blog on this which will give you the full rundown. The benefits are vast though, from hydrating your skin naturally to removing plastics in our oceans!


Blog posts

Ricky's Story

Ricky was threatened with homelessness and ‘didn’t have anywhere to go’ at the start of this year. The former welder was struggling to find housing following the Covid-19 pandemic and...

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Christina's Story

Christina is one of the first 10 beneficiaries employed by Labre’s Hope, which will be supporting people at the end of their homelessness journey through full-time employment in hand made cosmetics....

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