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Zoom Ambroxan River Artisan Candle (55+ hours) 400g

Ambroxan River Artisan Candle (55+ hours) 400g


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This premium, two-wick amber-glass candle contains biodegradable soy wax, infused with Reggio di Calabria Bergamot. The scents combine with Ambroxan, derived from the precious Ambergris to create a powerfully woody aura that fills a room.

All of our candles are soy wax which means they are 100% vegan. Soy wax also provides a cleaner burn and a longer burn time, so customers will receive a long-lasting product, that is more environmentally friendly, with no toxic fumes.

Our candles also have excellent scent-throw, meaning they fill your desired space quickly, but are not overpowering.

No animals are harmed in our manufacturing processes, and all profits go straight back into our social mission of ending homelessness.

Biodegradable Soy Wax, Cotton Wicks, Limonene, Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Tetramethyl, Acetylocatahydronaphthalenes

Ambroxan River Artisan Candle (55+ hours) 400g



How long does a bar of soap last?

Our bars typically last you a whole month if you were to use it in the shower or bath. If you use it strictly for hand soap, it could last you up to 8 months!

What other things can I use the bars for?

Our bars of soap can also be used as bath melts. If placed in the bath, the plant-based essential oils within the bar will begin to dissolve in the water and dissipate in to the environment creating a calming atmosphere. This will reduce how long your bar of soap last though.

How do I store my soap?

After each use, ensure that you place your soap in an environment where the air can circulate around it and help it dry after being wet.

Is your product safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, our bars of soap contain premium plant-based oils and are formulated to be balanced without overly cleansing your skin. 


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